Pre Conference

New – Pre Conference Workshops!

Don’t miss this chance to preview the new Fortinet Deep Dive NSE 7 Solution Workshops.

  • The NSE 7 workshops will be delivered on Monday, January 9, before the official conference kick-off, so that participants won’t miss out on any Accelerate 2017 happenings.
  • Hotel room and tax for the night of Sunday, January 8 is included as part of the Technical Conference & Pre Conference Workshop Package. Please plan to arrive on Sunday, January 8. Pre Conference Workshops will start by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, January 9.
  • These full-day hands-on workshops have been developed specifically for those who have achieved a minimum of NSE 4 certification or who have an equivalent level of knowledge.
  • The NSE 4 Certification is highly recommended for all the pre conference workshops with the exception of: “Understanding Attack Methodologies and Defense through the Cooperative Security Framework”
See below for the descriptions of the full day workshops that will be offered as part of the Technical Conference & Pre Conference Workshop Package. You will be able to select your workshop during the event registration process.

Workshop Descriptions

Enterprise Firewall Solution

TTake your FortiGate knowledge to the next level. Increase security effectiveness and reduce complexity by consolidating network security technologies across the entire enterprise infrastructure. During this hands-on workshop, you will configure the next gen Fortinet Enterprise Firewall solution. You can combine FortiGates, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer and the Fortinet Security Fabric to take a holistic approach to security with visibility and control, managed through a single pane of glass.

Cloud Security Solution

Learn about the unique requirements of cloud environments and the security challenges this presents directly from Fortinet experts. Special emphasis is given to the security benefits that can be leveraged from the scale of some cloud service providers, solutions, and technologies. Through hands-on labs, you will have the opportunity to see how a variety of Fortinet products perform in settings ranging from public to private to hybrid cloud environments. You will also have the opportunity to explore the flexible licensing options available including “bring your own license” (BYOL) and “on-demand licensing.”

Securing Your Wireless Edge

One of the biggest security challenges today is the proliferation of mobile devices and IoT. Get valuable hands-on experience with a range of Fortinet products designed to extend the Fortinet Security Fabric to the furthest reaches of your organization’s network environment. You will have the opportunity to configure various Fortinet wireless access products ranging from integrated wireless security to full-blown, large-scale, enterprise-wide wireless solutions. Additionally, you can learn to secure Guest Network Portals and explore the integration with other core products such as FortiGate.

Advanced Threat Protection Solution

As cyber-attacks become more and more targeted, traditional security measures are no longer sufficient. Sign-up for the workshop on Advanced Threat Protection and see how the entire family of Fortinet products has been engineered to work together to provide protection from sophisticated targeted attacks. Participants in this workshop will start off with a Fortinet Enterprise Firewall to provideg the backbone and then integrate multiple Fortinet components into a finely tuned and automated Security Fabric. Participants will utilize actual zero-day malware to demonstrate the power of FortiSandbox and explore the integration benefits with not only FortiGate, but also extended solutions including FortiWeb, FortiMail and FortiClient. The hands-on lab will provide each participant with a complex network environment that includes:

  • An external server component that hosts malware to represent typical Internet functionality
  • A FortiGate firewall, representing boundary efforts but optionally deployed as either an internal segmentation firewall (ISFW) or a remote boundary firewall
  • A FortiMail secure email gateway deployed “behind” the FortiGate as typically recommended
  • A FortiWeb web application firewall to protect web services
  • FortiClient endpoint protection for client protection alongside each of these integrated components
Participants will perform assorted activities within the lab environment just as they would in representative real-world scenarios. These activities will cover configuration, testing, troubleshooting, and interaction with each of the Security Fabric solutions.

Throughout the day, detailed analysis of the environment and logs will identify the significant advantages to comprehensive protection through the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Understanding Attack Methodologies and Defense through the Cooperative Security Framework

In this hands-on workshop the participants will first take on the role of the attacker and will try to breach a fictitious organization in order to steel customer credit card information. The idea behind the workshop is that in order to understand how to protect an organization from a breach you must first understand your enemy, what motivates them and the tools and methodologies they use.

Once these objectives are met, the participant will switch over to take on the role of a security operations specialist. During this part of the session they will learn how the Security Fabric has been engineered to enable Fortinet products to work together to provide protection from those same sophisticated targeted attacks that they just employed earlier.

The Attack portion of the workshop will make use of Metapsloit in order to carry out attacks, therefore familiarization with this tool, and its GUI front end, Armitage, is recommended. As the activities will be carried out in teams it is not essential that all the participants have hands on experience with these tools.

For the Defend portion of the workshop it is highly recommended that participants have experience in the following areas or hold the following certifications:

  • Networking concepts (for example, NSE 1: Networking Concepts)
  • Security concepts (malware, URL filtering, IPS/IDS, etc.)
  • Understanding of the threat landscape and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • TCP/IP network experience
  • A thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of FortiGate, FortiSandbox, FortiMail and FortiClient

Security Operations Solution

Be one of the first to receive training on Fortinet’s new FortiSIEM offering. In this workshop, you will receive an overview of the full-featured FortiSIEM product set and will configure it to integrate with a variety of Fortinet and third-party products. The introduction of FortiSIEM supports Fortinet’s vision of a true security fabric that leverages all aspects of an enterprise network, regardless of vendor.